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What is PET packaging?

PET (also abbreviated PETE) is the abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate, the chemical name for polyester.
PET is a clear, strong and lightweight plastic that is widely used for packaging food and beverages in a handy size, especially soft drinks, juices and water. Virtually all single- and 2-liter bottles of carbonated soft drinks and water sold in are made from PET.

Global Safety Approval

PET is approved by the FDA and health authorities around the world as safe for food and beverage contact. The safety of PET for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical applications has been repeatedly proven through extensive studies, regulatory approvals, testing and widespread acceptance for more than 30 years.

Advantages of PET

  • Recyclable: Did you know that PET plastic bottles are 100% recyclable? Thanks to modern advances in manufacturing technology, plastic bottles have been redesigned to be 30% lighter, reducing the amount of plastic used to make them.
  • Chemical Resistance: PET forms a strong barrier to the outside environment, allowing little or no oxygen through. It does not react with water or food, making it perfect for packaging consumer goods.
  • Unbreakable: Unlike glass, PET plastic will not shatter. This makes it a safer option than a glass container which easily breaks. This also makes it safer and cheaper to transport once filled.
  • Does not release dioxins: Heat can cause dioxins to be released from plastic:
    PET plastics do not contain or generate dioxin when microwaved or left in cars on a hot day. In addition, no dioxins can be formed without chlorine, which PET plastics do not contain.

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