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Polyurethane Reels

Our experience in blow moulded products range from commercial vehicle air filter components to bird guards for high-tension electrical power lines to components for farm implements. This makes Blomo Plastics a leader in specialized technical blow moulding.

We mould various custom products including:

Medical Products:

Odour resistant bedpans and male urinals are manufactured from high quality Polypropylene that is autoclavable to cater for the hospital market. These products are also manufactured from high-density polyethylene to cater for the domestic market. It can be moulded with a handle or without. The product has been designed with best comfort in mind.

Injection moulded containers:

Tubs are manufactured in two different sizes. The large is 57x90mm and the smaller is 57x60mm. These jars are manufactured with a watertight screw lid and make its storage uses endless, from industrial to domestic, as they are manufactured from durable polypropylene plastic. Colour variations are available to suit the customer’s requirements.

Plastic Reels:

The plastic reels, which are typically use for soldering wire are manufactured from high quality polypropylene plastic in different colours and size variations.

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